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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Rich Hall - My New Fashion Icon

You have to love this man. He is one of the best comedians around. I have just watched his program for BBC4 - Rich Hal's 'The Dirty South' ( He takes you through a journey about the southern states of America. He sifts though Hollywood films of the southern states, showing brilliant footage of these classical and epic films, including Gone With The Wind. Watch it if you have a spare 90 minutes in the next three days. It's amusing and interesting.  
Besides this program and his brilliant stand up, I am converted to his unique style, heavily influenced from his homeland with yet nicely modernly twisted up with...
well I'm not too sure, bit it's probably his comedy that makes it all work.
 I adore his shirts!

However his alter ego Otis Lee Crenshaw, doesn't work as well in terms of fashion!

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