Beautiful photography by Marco Scaccabarozzi

Monday, 17 January 2011

I want ...

I'm not too sure what I want more, the T-Shirt, or the Banana Split...



Saturday, 8 January 2011

Yummy Yummy

It's not food but it's an amazing dress, what could be better (well apart from owning it.)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Never Give Up London

Sometimes I do wish I lived in New York, only for my love for 
What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) .
 I fell for the brand, whilst drooling over their S/S 2010 collection. 

Here are a few shots from the S/S 2010 Lookbook
(I know its last year but who really cares, the images are great!)

And here's what popped up for me today whilst browsing

Whitney Port wearing WGACA

Gotta love it! But never leave London, well not permanently! 

Time For Spring

Here are a pick of my favourite Spring 2011 advertising campaigns. 








Thursday, 6 January 2011

1960's - The Beginning Of Fashion!

The 60's, they put London on the fashion map! And Twiggy helped.
 Love this photo of her!

Also as we're on the topic of the 60's, you have to give a bita love to the hippies,
 I am one at heart

Thats all for today! 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I Want To Go Home!

Milan, Bergamo, Lecco, any of these would do, but I definitely need some Italian home comforts at the moment with exams looming and the pressures of starting the last term of my second year are all beginning to hit me! I even looked at flights on trusty Ryanair that takes me near enough to my birth place, but then I came to the realisation that in fact there is no possibility of this until the year has ended, then perhaps I get to venture back! It's been longer than a year and it's killing me, so to get me through the time I have been browsing at a family friends great photography of HOME! 

Photography by Marco Scaccabarozzi

Also, I've just remembered that it's Carnivale in Italy soon, this means missing out on:
bright beautiful colours, the amazing food and fabulous costumes, 
it's a shame it doesn't exist here. 

Chiacchiere are the best part, fried pastry with lots of sugar on them, they are incredible! 


Heres the recipe if you fancy it (not sure if its any good but i am going to give it a go closer to Carnevale and try not to poison people!), although they never taste as good made in another country!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back To Basics

WGSN claim that S/S 2011 is all about going back to basics, telling us 'the overriding message for next season is one of simplicity, of stripping back and cherishing more basic looks' - I'm all for this.
 The fabric is perdicted to be flat with a lot of use of lace. 
The colour palette to be childish. 
Silhouettes simple.
Perfect - the best outfit on a summers day is a fresh white cotton floating top and a quirky pair of shorts! 

Vanessa Bruno

Unfortunately no longer available, but its what I'll be wearing! The top must be tucked in to reveal these beauties!

Shame we have to wait about 5 months until this season can begin properly!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Why, Oh Why!

I'm a little angry right now, doing a little browsing, why have both my birthday and christmas passed already?! I have fallen for a few things.
Here is a my top 10 list to accessorise yourselves with this new year, 

It's on its way!
I have finally managed to hunt down my coat! I have wanted it for a little while but never managed to get my size! All the better it has also been chopped down in price in the sale, which I was not expecting. Thought I would announce my happiness on here! Spent all morning ringing up the UK stores and finally Urban Outfitters came through for me! I have just ordered it on the phone and it being posted, I am so excited! 
It isn't brand new, but its green, and cutesy! 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Rich Hall - My New Fashion Icon

You have to love this man. He is one of the best comedians around. I have just watched his program for BBC4 - Rich Hal's 'The Dirty South' ( He takes you through a journey about the southern states of America. He sifts though Hollywood films of the southern states, showing brilliant footage of these classical and epic films, including Gone With The Wind. Watch it if you have a spare 90 minutes in the next three days. It's amusing and interesting.  
Besides this program and his brilliant stand up, I am converted to his unique style, heavily influenced from his homeland with yet nicely modernly twisted up with...
well I'm not too sure, bit it's probably his comedy that makes it all work.
 I adore his shirts!

However his alter ego Otis Lee Crenshaw, doesn't work as well in terms of fashion!