Beautiful photography by Marco Scaccabarozzi

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Print Please

If your a fan of prints and classical pieces, please to not hesitate to visit this site -  -
 You can find all the information you need to know about Emma Lousie London. 
You can see below a few from her two beautifully made collections, The Circuit and White Noise.  

The Circuit
The Circuit
The Circuit
White Noise 
White Noise
White Noise
White Noise
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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Oooo, this is interesting!

I stumbled across Shakukachi, an Australian brand and I am in now love with it! Its so cutesy yet edgy, I've come to terms with the fact that I might be their new biggest fan! Have a little look at a few of their garments that I picked out off the website, there are so many more that you will probably just want to go straight for their website -
Images are all taken from their Cruise collection 2010/11 Love etc.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Embrace the 'Worst Fashion Trends Ever' from!image-number=7
If you get a few spare minutes you too might enjoy these 'Worst Fashion Trends Ever' on the Glamour website -
I stumbled across it whilst doing a little research, and it made me chuckle, so thought I might announce it.
 I definitely agree with most of the no no trends - especially the furry boots, the visible thong, and the Juicy tracksuit. Some were debatable like the crocs - I found them very useful, particularly whilst water hiking this summer, they are far handier then flip-flops! 
However I have a bone to pick with glamour, as I do love boho, even to this day! What can I say I love all things that jingle a little, it makes you feel a bit more free spirited even when you do live a very 'normal' life on the out skirts of London! This trend will come back, and it has(I'm sure of it!) however perhaps quite a bit different to the Sienna Miller 2004 way, as I really didn't take to the disk belts but the gypsy waistcoats I still love,
 I'm very sorry if this is a fashion no no but I am sticking to my guns! 
I'm a little bit of a hippy and I wont change! 

Friday, 24 December 2010

Hook - an odd christmassy film!

After watching Hook this morning it got me thinking about all the costumes,
 they are brilliant and wish every day could be in Never Never Land! 
I would definitely be on the lost boy's team in terms of outfits, 
far more creative and colourful!
 (although you have to love the majestic pirate look some times!)

Happy Christmas Eve! 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A London Christmas - or just sticking with north London!

Didn't make it into london yesterday with the fear of getting stuck in the centre, such a shame as it didn't even snow in the end! I can't believe I haven't seen the lights yet, its the longest its ever been, 
I blame Leeds for stealing the show with its fantastic fireworks 
and therefore making me less motivated to go and see the capital's lights! 
But anyway that is completely off topic!
 As I was sulking about yesterday due to the weather and so instead found myself lusting at the lovely lights in Carnaby Street on the website and thinking all all things christmasy that could have been done that day, 
maybe tomorrow! 
You have to love Carnaby Street, I even subscribe to the weekly e-mails just too make sure I always know whats going on there! They do the best shopping nights with 20% off at most of the stores. 
Definitely take a look at the website out if you love it too! -

I did manage to grab a little something for my sister in Topshop, I have been in love with this ring since its been about, so I will be borrowing it (if I can fit it on my chubby fingers!)!
Topshop have a great range of costume jewellery at the moment - 
if you need to add something to a present or to perfect an outfit,
 head straight to your local Topshop to check out their reasonable range!

The Photo does not do it justice! 

 Also thought I'd be cheeky (as I'm blabbing about all things christmassy!)
and put up our little tree that looks so cute - 
its only small but it deserves to be broadcasted! 

Bless our orange, green and gold colour theme!
Only 3 days till ultimate festive fun! 

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sporty fashion, Yes please!

I'm not the biggest fan of sports or physical activity (I'd rather chill with a movie) but this ASOS collection grabbed my eye whilst attempting Christmas shopping. Wish I was allowed to buy myself some presents! 
Oh well, going to venture into lovely London tomorrow (weather permitting!) maybe I'll treat myself if i find anything exciting/any bargains!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

You gotta love a bit of Billie Holiday!

I was browsing through my music and found the lovely lady that is Billie Holiday so thought I would have a little listen. She got me thinking about all things jazz and the sophistication in the way they performed and of course what they wore! Maybe it was not quite sophisticated but there was an element of class. I stumbled across this lovely image (above!) of Miss Holiday herself, showing a true fashion icon. I adore the huge flower that she always seemed to wear as her trademark. Love her! She was a unique lady, shame she had such a hard life. She was a fighter with a voice of perfection!