Beautiful photography by Marco Scaccabarozzi

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I Want To Go Home!

Milan, Bergamo, Lecco, any of these would do, but I definitely need some Italian home comforts at the moment with exams looming and the pressures of starting the last term of my second year are all beginning to hit me! I even looked at flights on trusty Ryanair that takes me near enough to my birth place, but then I came to the realisation that in fact there is no possibility of this until the year has ended, then perhaps I get to venture back! It's been longer than a year and it's killing me, so to get me through the time I have been browsing at a family friends great photography of HOME! 

Photography by Marco Scaccabarozzi

Also, I've just remembered that it's Carnivale in Italy soon, this means missing out on:
bright beautiful colours, the amazing food and fabulous costumes, 
it's a shame it doesn't exist here. 

Chiacchiere are the best part, fried pastry with lots of sugar on them, they are incredible! 


Heres the recipe if you fancy it (not sure if its any good but i am going to give it a go closer to Carnevale and try not to poison people!), although they never taste as good made in another country!

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