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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Embrace the 'Worst Fashion Trends Ever' from!image-number=7
If you get a few spare minutes you too might enjoy these 'Worst Fashion Trends Ever' on the Glamour website -
I stumbled across it whilst doing a little research, and it made me chuckle, so thought I might announce it.
 I definitely agree with most of the no no trends - especially the furry boots, the visible thong, and the Juicy tracksuit. Some were debatable like the crocs - I found them very useful, particularly whilst water hiking this summer, they are far handier then flip-flops! 
However I have a bone to pick with glamour, as I do love boho, even to this day! What can I say I love all things that jingle a little, it makes you feel a bit more free spirited even when you do live a very 'normal' life on the out skirts of London! This trend will come back, and it has(I'm sure of it!) however perhaps quite a bit different to the Sienna Miller 2004 way, as I really didn't take to the disk belts but the gypsy waistcoats I still love,
 I'm very sorry if this is a fashion no no but I am sticking to my guns! 
I'm a little bit of a hippy and I wont change! 

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